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Heart Warrior Nominations

Please feel free to nominate someone, or yourself, to be the recipient of our monthly Anatomical Heart Teether Giveaway. We choose anywhere from 1-3 recipients per month. This is a running list & we will go in order of which your nomination was received. Please do not submit your application twice. We will get to applications in order of which they were received. No edits to applications shall be accepted. Once you are chosen, you will be contacted with a discount code to use for the Anatomical Heart Teether, & you will have 30 days to complete purchase on our website. You will be responsible for shipping ($4.00 domestic). Applications are open to anyone anywhere, as long as you’ll pay shipping costs. TAT after order is placed is approximately 2 weeks. 

I dream of providing every heart warrior with one of our Anatomical heart teethers which is why I offer a 30% Discount on them. This application is meant for those who can not afford one with the 30% Discount. But, all applications are welcome and all will be considered equally.

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