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$13 Personalized Paci Clip Check Out’s

Regular price $13.00
$13 Personalized Paci Clip Check Out’s

Here you’ll find check outs for the $13 personalized Paci clip sale on 8/9/22 11amCST. Please find your name below and make sure your order is correct  

Sarah L

Wood, girl, bright, unsure of the beads will pm you after looking into them after fayes teacher leaves, Frances

Courtney K

Metal Clip
If you happen to have any purples that would be awesome!

Lacey C

Metal clip
Boy - Neutral black/grey/whites
+ the black & white checkered
Name: Nash
Do you still have the black beads with white letters? If not the white ones are fine too!

Rachael Lee

colorful tie dye w/MYLEE

Adriana LeChuga

1. Hamish Cow Paci Clip $13

2. Cactus Serape Paci Clip $13

3. Metal
pink/tan and flowery beads print if available.
Name: Louie

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