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Love & Honey Pre Order

Regular price $41.00
Love & Honey Pre Order

I Love You

(VDay Rep Drop)


  • Heather R $47

Wood Heart Rattle Rings $25

(Glow In The Dark Bolt Bead Engraved)

Rose Mom Teether Clip $22

(Mint Heart Bead Love You Latte Focal)


  • Shawna C $41

Paci Clip $17

(Glow In The Dark Bolt Bead Liquid Red)

Zipper Pull $12

(2 Skeleton Hands Pink Liquid Pink)

Zipper Pull $12

(2 Skeleton Hands Blue Liquid Blue)


  • Halee F $120

Mini Paci Clip $14

(Tan Gnome White Glitter Gold Metallic)

Pen $12

(Pink Pen Love Coffee Cup Focal Confetti Liquid Pink)

Pen $12

(Black Pen Ur Cute(Pink) Focal Liquid Red Kisses Printed Bead)

Paci Clip $17

(Chocolate Strawberry Focal Chocolate Strawberry Printed Liquid Red Liquid Black White Lentils)

Paci Clip $17

(Be Mine Yellow Kisses Printed Liquid White Liquid Black)

Paci Clip $17

(Be Mine White Leopard Kisses Print Liquid White Liquid Red)

Paci Clip $17

(Grey Gnome Liquid Red Liquid White Liquid Blue)

Keychain $14

(2 Skeleton Heart Liquid Red Liquid White Pink And Black Lentils)


  • Jenn B $128

Pen $12

(green gnome focal 2 chocolate strawberry printed)

Pen $12

(black camper focal liquid red liquid black)

Pen $12

(skeleton heart hands w/blue heart2 liquid blue)

Pen $12

(love coffee cup rainbow leopard heart black glitter)

Zipper Pull $12

(2 skeleton heart pink/black hearts liquid blue)

Zipper Pull $12

(2 skeleton heart arrows copper metallic)

Charm $12

(skeleton hand/anatomical heart liquid sage liquid blue liquid black)

Heart Shaped Rattle Rings $25

(pink glitter dark opal mint w/ red hearts)

Toddler necklace $19

(chocolate strawberry focal love coffee cup focal mint w/ red hearts pink glitter chocolate strawberry printed)


Britteny W $61

Heart Rattle Rings $25

(Confetti Liquid White Liquid Red Engraved)

Mini keychain $12

(2 Skeleton Heart Black Glitter Liquid Pink)

Mini Keychain $12

(2 Skeleton Heart Speckled Black Liquid Blue)

Mini Paci Clip $12

(Blue Skeleton Heart Liquid Blue Glow In the Dark Bolt Bead)

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