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MOC DROP 8/6/22

Regular price $20.00
MOC DROP 8/6/22

Please do not purchase, unless you want to treat me to a sweet tip 🥰 haha this Is a MOC DROP ONLY to show you an example! You will not receive a refund if you purchase! 

Here you will find your MOC DROP 8/6/22 purchase check out links. Please find your name below and make sure your MOC DROP purchases are correct below. By purchasing, you are agreeing that what I have listed below is correct for you. Codes are applied by you at checkout.

Ashley - $58.00

1. Watermelon Freeze Me Teether $15

2. Dino Toddler Necklace $15

3. Dino Freeze Me Teether $13.50

4. Personalized Paci Clip $15

Brittany B - $69.49

1. Gameboy Teether Ring $21.50

2. Rocket ship Pacifier Clip $15.99

3. Avocado Rattle Teether Rings $18.50

4. Sunflower Freeze Me Teether $13.50

Maggie S - $20.00

1. Personalized Paci Clip - $20.00

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